Hails + Matt

Every once in blue moon you get invited to film a “wedding” that really stands out, that one that when the couple tells you about you have slap yourself to make sure you weren’t daydreaming. Things like burning cars, photo session at the local show, food trucks, confetti canons, arcade games are things I only dream about being able to shoot on a wedding day. This day was made extra rad by the fact that the couple were good friends of mine and local wedding photog legends Hails and Matt from Hails + Shine. I say “wedding” because in all the talks we had leading up the really wanted to steer clear of the typical wedding thing and really make the day reflect them, they wanted to get ready together, they wanted a chill “ceremony” with just two friends witnessing (and a burning car haha) and they wanted to backyard carnival style party all night long with their mates. It’s always a little daunting doing a video for crew in the industry but I think with this setup I couldn’t go far wrong. They gathered together the best of the best of local wedding crew with Nomad Styling tying it all together on the styling front (amazing work guys!) for what will go down as the coolest, best looking’est wedding to date. Hope you enjoy it!